Sustainability and Simplicity

We admit it. Those two words sound absolutely perfect for a headline. What is even more perfect is when those two ideas marry together to create beautiful pottery. Recently, BPug Pottery has been making a conscious effort to decrease our carbon footprint and increase our overall sustainability. Our goal is to create a beautiful product line that cuts our carbon footprint.

Raw Fired Bowl with Emeraude glaze interior.

Traditionally, pottery had been fired once from its original raw state before being ready for use. This technique is simple but many potters and ceramicists have not revisited this technique because of their training in a modern studio practice. Today, modern ceramicists usually pursue a routine of firing in two stages. The first firing is called a bisque firing. The goal is to harden the clay, to burn out most of the carbon, and create a canvas for glazes that are easier to apply. This final product is called bisque ware. The second firing would focus on the glazing and applying colorants that are coated to bisque ware. This final firing is called a high fire. In a modern and very efficient kiln, a potter could reach peak temperatures within just a few hours. But very few that can, do. The final firing is elongated to create more dramatic effects on a glazed surface that don’t appear with an efficient glaze cycle.

BPug Pottery has begun to challenge the modern routine of firing pottery. We believe that with the aid of modern technology and knowledge of chemistry and physics, we can study glazes and their composition. We aim to learn how we may skip bisque firing altogether.

Our first test has shown us that glazes direct from the supplier may not be up to the task without some modifications.

Single Fired Snack Bowl without Modification To Glaze Chemistry.

These small snack bowls were our first experiment in reaching our goal of creating a line of raw fired pottery that will cut our energy requirements by a third.

Raw Fired Snack bowl with clear glaze interior.

These bowls are simple, organic, and are unabashedly raw. Reminding the user that the product they are purchasing was made with sustainability in mind.

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