Bonds To Last A Lifetime

Glazes bond under heat, time, and the right balance of minerals. I see these conditions as tools a potter will manipulate to create strong and beautiful bonds in a glaze. These tools are not unlike how we as humans bond to one another. Attributes such as respect, patience, and communication are the attributes we can manipulate to create long-lasting bonds with one another. 

It wasn’t unsurprising that this project has brought my family closer together. I believe it was the time spent around the dinner table admiring the hard work put into a big project. The sheer pride that I held in my heart was overwhelming as I watched my grandmother, mother, and my wonderful girlfriend all work together to set the table for the photo shoot. And receiving the hard work my uncle Chris Mcnaught put into the photos.

The pat on the back I received from my stepfather and my grandfather who could see just how amazing of an accomplishment I felt designing and executing a large and cohesive dining set. 
Overall, this 40 piece dining set was the recipe that my family could bond over. They have patiently encouraged me and guided me to follow my passion. And they communicated their love for my work and for me. 

Families bonding relationships happen over the quiet relationship that pottery has supported for a millennium. In my case, I am very fortunate to experience, support, and embrace that relationship for other families. That is what inspires me to continue doing this very challenging, often rewarding, and just as disappointing craft. 


If you like more information about how you or your family can experience what it means to create a place setting that is unique as your loved ones please contact me.

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